New Clients

Thank you for trusting us with the care of your cat! We look forward to meeting you and your beloved feline friend. Please let us know where your cat has previously been examined when you make your appointment. This will allow us time to call and have all records faxed in time for your appointment.

For your first visit, please bring the following:

  1. Our New Client form. We also have copies of this to fill out in the office if you would prefer.
    *Please note: You will need to download this form onto your computer desktop before completing. Do not fill out the form unless you first download it to your desktop. After downloading it to your computer’s desktop you will be able to submit it to us electronically ahead of your visit. 
  2. Fecal sample- this will allow us to check for intestinal parasites. Please bring a fresh sample no more than 24 hours old. Only a small sample (approximately the size of the tip of your thumb) is necessary.
  3. Any records or paperwork you may have from previous veterinary visits or from your cat’s place of adoption. We will make photocopies of this to include in your cat’s medical record. If you do not have any paperwork, a name and phone number of the clinic where your cat was last examined will also be helpful!
  4. Your cat safely confined in a carrier. We want to keep your cat as safe and comfortable as possible.

Please be sure to mention any concerns you may have about your cat and anything you think might not be a normal condition or behavior. We care about whether your cat is healthy and happy, and any information you have is important. Changes in behavior are important as well, as is your cat’s overall attitude, appetite and activity level.