Veterinary Care For Cats

At City Kitty we have chosen to limit our practice to cats for the simple reason that all of us truly love, enjoy and respect our feline patients. We believe that cats deserve to be examined in a facility that caters to them and to their families.

We are very excited to announce we are now at our new location, custom built for kitties!

400 Hope Street
401-831-MEOW (6369)
We hope you and your cat will love our new facility as much as we do! [CLICK FOR MAP]

We have designed our beautiful new space to achieve a calm, soothing atmosphere where both you and your cat can feel cared for and listened to. We are here to heal and to comfort. We promise to take your concerns seriously and we will always remember that your cat is the reason we are here.

Give us a call to discuss your cat’s well-being and how City Kitty, the only area clinic lovingly devoted to cats, may be of service to you.

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