Senior Cat Care

Cats older than 10 years should have wellness examinations every six months. A 10-year-old cat is the physical equivalent of a 50 year old human. We know that more frequent physical exams are our best opportunity to identify any age-related problems in your senior cat. The earlier these medical problems are discovered makes correcting them much simpler.


Your cat’s vaccine recommendations will closely follow those of an adult cat, although there might be some individual variations based on your cat’s individual needs and risks.


All senior cats should have a fecal sample tested at the time of their yearly examination. This ensures that any intestinal parasites are detected and treated.


All adult cats, whether indoor or outdoor, should be given a topical monthly parasite preventative. Parasites are much easier (and less expensive) to prevent than they are to treat!


There are many diseases that are common in cats as they begin to age. Once your cat reaches the age of 10, we will begin to recommend annual blood testing. This will give us a wealth of information regarding your cat’s internal health and allow us to address any abnormalities as soon as they are detected.


Cats can be very subtle about showing signs that they are in discomfort or not feeling well. If you notice any of the following problems, please contact us immediately so that we can address them:

  • Weight loss without your cat being on a weight loss diet
  • Difficulty jumping or no longer climbing on furniture or usual perches
  • An increase in vomiting
  • A change in feces: either too hard or too soft
  • A change in water intake
  • Becoming less social or hiding in unusual places
  • Sudden change in food intake, either up or down
  • Bad breath
  • Changes in urinating/defecating habits
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Crying or meowing excessively


Weight control is a frequent concern with senior cats, and our recommendation of canned food for calorie control as well as enhanced water intake is a double benefit. Read more about feline nutrition…