Adult Cat Care

We consider adult cats to be from age one to 10, after which time they are entering their “golden” years.  Your cat’s medical needs will vary somewhat based on whether or not he goes outside or comes into contact with other cats, either through cat shows or through boarding.  Most young, healthy cats have effective immune systems and we recommend that they receive physical exams and recommended care, including appropriate vaccines, every year.


  • FVRCP: Cats should receive a booster at 1 year of age, then every 3 years thereafter.
  • Rabies: Cats should receive this vaccine yearly. Any cat that has been involved in a fight and has wounds of any kind should also be given a booster immediately.
  • Leukemia (FeLV): This vaccine should be administered yearly to all cats that go outdoors (even if just for short periods at a time) or who are in contact with other cats that go outdoors or who are FeLV positive.


All adult cats should have a fecal sample tested at the time of their yearly examination. This ensures that any intestinal parasites are detected and treated.


All adult cats, whether indoor or outdoor, should be given a topical monthly parasite preventative, just as we recommend for kittens. Parasites are much easier (and less expensive) to prevent than they are to treat!


Appropriate nutrition is extremely important for our feline companions. Paying attention to both the quality and quantity of food you feed your cat can help avoid painful and serious illnesses, and keep your feline friend feeling his best. Read more about feline nutrition…